Nye Street Studio | About

Having the opportunity to share my view of life and the amazing beauty and wonder that God has given us is my passion. Views from a wheelchair are always unique and many times what I see in a crowd is obstructed by the surrounding people. But, when the crowd clears, I use my upbeat, creative attitude to capture the beautiful world around us. My unique perspective of unusual angles, shapes, and scenes visible only from my wheelchair help to make my photography individual. I have been learning the art of photography and taking photos for over ten years and began showcasing my work in 2006. I particularly love capturing wildlife at rest in their natural habitat. I am so thankful for the acceptance and appreciation of my work from fellow lovers of photography. It is said that “ a picture is worth a thousand words.” This is true. But a picture from “down under” is truly my offering to you. I share a new view of things short, tall and ever present in our everyday world. Come and enjoy that perspective with me.

Life holds a beauty that I enjoy and my passion in life is capturing that beauty through photography.

I find it exciting seeing the world through the eye of the camera and hope viewing my photos gives

you as much pleasure as I have received while taking them. I am an aspiring, award-winning

photographer who has participated in numerous photography contest and art shows. I have

developed a Home & Office Decor photography business and have expanded into portrait work.

I receive great pleasure in capturing nature's beauty while taking photos and expressing my freedom while escaping the box that Spina Bifida creates. I owe part of my success to continued support

from family and friends. Shooting from a wheelchair gives my work a unique perspective and

I am very willing to do whatever it takes capture the right angle. God has given us wondrous beauty all around and hopefully my photographs capture some of it.

Nia Karmann